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Supporting your resources

Stilog IST is a digital service company and software publisher.

With two offices, in the suburbs of Paris in Nanterre and in La Ciotat, Stilog IST is developing innovative solutions characterised by a pragmatic use of available technology.

Its VISUAL PLANNING® software package is a resource management and operational planning tool. It provides performance indicators that facilitate task management and business optimisation.
It is a customisable software program, collaborative, secure and simple to use, sold in thousands to organisations in all sectors such as construction, energy, the services, industry and transport.
At the same time, Stilog IST offers a multitude of services and benefits linked to the planning software, such as analysis prior to the installation of VISUAL PLANNING, defining solutions, training, accommodation and technical assistance.

Its other capacity is associated with the engineering of systems with advanced technology and geared along essentially technical lines: industrial information technology applications, real time, embedded information technology and modelling.

Stilog IST is involved in several industrial sectors, predominantly in aeronautics and mechanics.

Stilog began to establish itself in the United States in 2012 with Stilog Inc. in which it holds 100% of the capital.
In 2015, Stilog Inc. opened a second office in Jersey City (NJ), geared towards the marketing of the VISUAL PLANNING® software program.




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