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An independent French company, ICE Groupe is a federation of some twenty companies originally geared to the electromechanical and electronics sectors, then to that of information technology.

For the group, recruiting is not limited to providing jobs. It is a business meeting men and women, in all their diversity, with all their experience and talents. Most of all, it is the shared commitment to a common future.

The companies in the group came into existence because of their creators' passion and spirit of enterprise. This passion is shared by the salaried employees who have supported them in their development.  
Big or small, these companies put people at the heart of their initiatives, functioning through quick decision-making networks in which employees' autonomy and sense of responsibility can be expressed.
Our values are written into the DNA of the group:

  • Pushing the limits, because it is through individual'-s striving to extend themselves that we will be able to make progress together.

  • Courage, because although the industrial sector includes successes, it is also fraught with difficult circumstances which must be faced, without abandoning one's convictions.

  • Team spirit and cohesion, because without them, there can be no collective performance.

  • Respect for one another, because it is the basis for dialogue and constructive exchange between two parties.

Would you like to bring us your talents, your curiosity, your sense of responsibility and your spirit of initiative? Then do not hesitate to contact our companies.


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ICE Groupe brings together more than 20 companies, it is a network of experts in energy and industry, technical and software engineering, electrical wiring, automation, protection and monitoring/control, embedded systems. The group has a turnover of more than 120 M€ and employs more than 1,000 people.