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Over 75 years of history

1947 - Founding of ICE by Paul BOULARD and an associate to serve EDF in France. Manufacture of relays and protective devices for HV networks.
1987 - Founding of OTN (Organisation des Travaux Nucléaires).
1989 - Founding of MÉDIANE SYSTÈME by François BERTAULD and two associates. Information technology services company.
1991 - Founding of STILOG IST by François BERTHELOT and Christophe POIRMEUR. Information technology services and software development company.
2000 - CEE and three of its foreign subsidiaries join the group. Also in this year, MÉDIANE SYSTÈME and STIC join the group.
2007 - Founding of MEDIAL CONCEPT. COMPELMA joins the group.
2009 - Founding of MÉDIANE INGÉNIERIE.
2010 - EC2E and ECI join the group.
2014 - STILOG IST (with Visual Planning®) joins the group.
2015 - April: ISIT joins the group. STILOG Inc. (USA) hires its first employees. ICE Protection & Control reorganises to form an autonomous company within the group.
October and November: OTN and M2ES TECHNOLOGIES join the group.
2017 - MEDIAL CONCEPT and M2ES TECHNOLOGIES merge and become WAT "We Are Technologies". APILOG joins the group. Founding of MÉDIANE BENELUX and WAT PORTAGE.
2020 - June: Groupe CEPA, with CEPA and TECHNICAM (Morocco), join the group. December : OTN and Groupe CEPA take over C2E CABLURI (Romania) renamed EMC.
2021 - Founding of MEDIANE ITALIA.
2022 - Groupe CEPA and OTN merge and become MTC  (Maintenance, Travaux et Câblage).


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