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A network of experts at your service

... Experts in energy and industry, technical and software engineering, automation, protection and monitoring/control, embedded systems

From its origins, ICE Group has had safety, testing and reliability at its core. This accounts for the technical excellence and quality of its products. These two aspects are key elements in the DNA of all companies in the group.
Ingénierie, Conseil et Équipement Groupe (ICE Groupe) is the parent holding company, formed from the original company ICE Industrielle de Contrôle et d’Équipement.
A diverse industrial group with family shareholders, it provides innovative and technologically advanced solutions. ICE Groupe has a staff of more than 1,000 who are driven by a shared interest in innovation and delivering  excellent customer service.
Our group is a leader in the sale of products, solutions, services and consultancy.


A federation of businesses

The gradual expansion and diversification of the group has always prioritised technical expertise.
This bringing-together of skills is principally characterised by an emphasis on engineering, attaching the utmost importance to research and development.
ICE Groupe is implementing a strategy for proactive growth aimed at extending its provision of services and consolidating its expertise in related technical fields.The group’s companies are sized to offer a personal service and a broad range of professional services from design, fitting, production and maintenance to turnkey services. There are more than twenty companies in the group, each of which is operationally autonomous but supported through collaboration and shared expertise. They benefit from the financial, industrial, administrative and legal support of the group.

In order to increase its share in the market, improve its position in relation to major contractors and consolidate its global networks, the group pursues a policy of acquisitions and partnerships.


For you, the entrepreneur, joining ICE Groupe means

·         Having the support of a patient, long-term shareholding which is ready to invest and tolerate uneven sales cycles

·         Joining a group with more than €120m turnover which will enhance your credibility and your rating with large accounts and allow collaborative business opportunities

·         Speeding up expansion and, if necessary, benefiting from financial support

·         Preserving your identity, your trademark and your management

·         Benefiting from the full force of more than 540 engineers in R&D

·         Remaining in an industrial, and not a private equity, environment with all its advantages: a debt-free position, managerial stability, and respect for the individual

·         Being able to discuss common concerns and experiences with other business leaders with technical and industrial knowledge

·         Consolidating efficiency through the organisation of cross synergies within the group.


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ICE Groupe brings together more than 20 companies, it is a network of experts in energy and industry, technical and software engineering, electrical wiring, automation, protection and monitoring/control, embedded systems. The group has a turnover of more than 120 M€ and employs more than 1,000 people.