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Components for electromagnetic compatibility

For more than 25 years COMPELMA has specialised in the development of products and technical solutions in Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) and thermal management of electronics.
Its business is carried out worldwide with industrial clients who use integrated circuits with size and power constraints.
It provides solutions to control electromagnetic interference and maximise the lifespan of electronic components by managing component temperatures.
More than just a component supplier, COMPELMA advises and supports its clients, from the study and prototyping phase to the launch into mass production.
90% of COMPELMA's products are customised to suit the needs of individual clients. COMPELMA guarantees the availability of all of its components for the full lifespan of its clients' products.
Thanks to its international presence, as well as the responsiveness and flexibility of its team, COMPELMA helps clients to bring competitive and innovative products to the marketplace.




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