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OTN (Organisation des Travaux Nucléaires) is a company specialising in the business of industrial cabling and industrial, nuclear and railway maintenance.

Created in 1987 by Daniel Hubert, OTN is established in Burgundy at two production sites, at Mâcon (head office) and at Le Creusot. It installs, after technical study, wiring kits, electrical wiring looms and the cabling of whole power boxes (industrial cabling), carries out the maintenance of electrical and electromechanical systems mounted on bogies (railway cabling) and nuclear and industrial site maintenance work (maintenance).

For these purposes, OTN has significant infrastructures at its disposal, with workshops equipped with gantries and hoisting equipment, digitally controlled TIG pipe bending and soldering equipment (qualification EN15085), and machines for the production of wiring kits and for the cutting and stripping of cables.

Its business is with the market leaders in these sectors, such as Schneider Electric (electrical industry), Alstom (railways) and Areva (nuclear).



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