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Médiane Système

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Highly technical services

Médiane Système is an engineering and electronics and information technology (ESN) consultancy.

Created in 1989, Médiane Système has establlished itself in a great many business sectors using advanced technology in various capacities. Active in the Paris Region, the Rhône-Alpes Region and the Midi-Pyrénées Region, the company has become a partner in important industrial accounts and numerous PME. Médiane Système provides services of an advanced technical nature thanks to rigorous selection of its collaborators, an effective high-quality system and tried and tested development methodologies.

Médiane Système is a leader in four key functional areas: technical support, fixed contratcs, deals and service centres.

Médiane Système has research departments in the fields of industrial information technology, real time, embedded information technology and digital and analogue electronics. It has offices in Paris, Lyon and Grenoble.

These research departments rely on internal multi-disciplinary teams handling complex studies but also projects with strong constraints in many fields (railway, medical, nuclear...).

Médiane Système is active in several industrial sectors; the main ones being electrical and industrial equipment, railways, the motor industry, and the medical, nuclear, defence, aeronautical and telecommunications sectors.




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