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1/ General conditions of use of the site

Use of the website icegroupe.com entails the full and complete acceptance of the general conditions of use described below.

These conditions of use are susceptible to modification at any time ; users of the site icegroupe.com are therefore invited to consult them regularly in order to stay up to date.

Users are required to respect the aforementioned general conditions of use as defined below and, in particular, the clauses in the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act, the non-respect of which can be punishable by law. They must also refrain from any collecting, illegal securement, deformation or use of the information posted online and, in general, from any act liable to infringe upon the rights of individuals to privacy or to damage their reputations.

For all information relative to the functioning or use of the website icegroupe.com, you can write to its administrator: marketing@icegroupe.com

2/ General information relating to the site

The ICE groupe site is edited by: Ingénierie, Conseil et Equipement Groupe

a Public Company with Directors and Supervisory Board, with a capital of 11 324 000 euros, registered at the Trade and Companies Registry under the number 542 014 782 RCS Créteil.

Its head office is located at:

11 rue Marcel Sembat

94146 Alfortville cedex

The ICE groupe site is hosted by: Groupe Cyrès

Its head office is located at:

19 rue Edouart Vaillant

37000 Tours

Represented by Monsieur BERHOUC, Groupe Cyrès is a French Stock Company with a capital of 300 000 euros, registered at the Trade and Companies Registry at Tours under the number 442 155 818 RCS Tours B .

3/ Intellectual Property Law

The general structure of this site, the templates and frameworks used on the site icegroupe.com as well as the information, pictograms, photographs, images, texts, video sequences, animated with or without sound, and other documents constituting the website icegroupe.com or accessible on this site are subject to the laws protecting intellectual property and are the property of ICE Groupe or of third parties who have given limited permission for their use by ICE Groupe and any of its suppliers, sub-contractors and/or affiliated companies involved in the functioning of this website.

Therefore, any reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation and/or transformation, partial or total, of the website icegroupe.com or of one or more of its components, by whatever means (including by transfer to another site), without prior and written permission from ICE Groupe, is forbidden (with the exception of copies made for private use and for the requirements of the press), and would constitute a punishable infringement notably by articles L.335-2, and those following them, of the Code of Intellectual Property Law, liable to involve the civil and/or criminal responsibility of its perpetrator.

The names figuring on the website icegroupe.com are trademarks registered by the companies of ICE Groupe. Any reproduction, total or partial, or any use of these names without prior and written permission from its holder is prohibited.

4/ Personal data

4.1 Non-personal information collected automatically on the site icegroupe.com

icegroupe.com can provide overall statistics concerning visitors to this site, data which analyses their profile and other information on third parties relating to this site ; however, these statistics will not in any case include any information which would allow the identification of the users.

4.2 Collection of personal information

To be able to answer questions from users of the site icegroupe.com or at their request, and reply to applications posted in response to job offers or unsolicited job applications, manage systems for interacting with the public, get to know its users so as to improve the quality of services offered on the site, send them a periodical newsletter, send them press releases, send them publications or sign them up to the RSS feed on the site icegroupe.com, ICE Groupe may be obliged to ask them, as an option or as an obligation, for personal information such as their e-mail addresses. This information will be obtained and treated in an honest and lawful manner. It will be recorded for given and legitimate purposes and will be used in accordance with these given purposes. It will be appropriate, pertinent and not excessive with regard to these given purposes. It will be subject to the types of precautions liable to ensure the security of the data with a view to preventing it from being damaged, modified, destroyed or communicated to unauthorised third parties.

The data gathered in this way on the site icegroupe.com is the result of the voluntary registration by its users of their e-mail addresses and/or of personal data concerning themselves, allowing them to benefit from certain services present on the site such as newsgroups, job offers, periodical newsletters, press releases, ICE Groupe companies' publications and the site's RSS feed icegroupe.com, with the exception of the automatically recorded IP addresses.

ICE Groupe is committed to maintaining the confidential nature of the information recorded or posted on the site. The users' addresses and data are not visible, unless a user should wish to identify himself and sign his contribution to a forum or his reaction to an article or has chosen his real name as his identifier for discussion forums.

4.3 Collection purposes

The collection's purpose is:

? to allow ICE Groupe and ICE Groupe companies to respond to the demands of users of the website icegroupe.com, in particular to demands for work experience and to unsolicited job applications, or to contact its users by e-mail so as to keep them informed about certain subjects, 
? to allow the user to access the website's interactive forums icegroupe.com, 
? to send its users ICE Groupe publications at their request, 
? to send its users ICE Groupe press releases at their request and, 
? in a more general way, to allow this website to function. 

4.4 Beneficiary(-ies) of the collection

The personal information collected on the site under Dialogue icegroupe.com is intended exclusively for ICE Groupe, and for ICE Groupe companies.

In particular, personal data collected through newsgroups is intended for use by the site's technical manager and by the mediator in charge of moderating over these forums according to the details laid out in the Terms of Use.

The personal data collected by means of the contact forms is intended for the people in charge of handling information within the ICE Groupe companies.

The personal data collected in connection with responses to job offers and work experience appearing on the site and with unsolicited job applications appearing under careers is intended for the people in charge of recruitment within the ICE Groupe companies.

The personal data collected by ICE Groupe on the site is purely for internal use and will not be supplied in any communication, transfer or disclosure to third parties, without the express and written permission of the user concerned, except under legal or judicial obligation.

Users of the website icegroupe.com however grant ICE Groupe the right to share all collected information with its suppliers, sub-contractors and other ICE Groupe companies should this be necessary for the carrying out of the processes mentioned above. In this case, corrections and/or removals of personal information will be made known to the said suppliers, sub-contractors or affiliated companies.

4.5 Retention period for personal information

Personal data and/or information relating to the user's browsing on the website icegroupe.com will not be stored beyond the period required for the purposes of the relevant process.

As far as recruitment data is concerned, this period is two years after the last contact with the candidate.

The browsing data will be stored for a maximum of 6 months in accordance with the CNIL's recommendations.

The site's subscription data will be stored for a maximum of 1 year after the last contact with the subscriber to the site icegroupe.com.

4.6 Rights of access, modification and suppression

In accordance with the Act of 6 janvier 1978 relating to information technology, files and the freedom of information, modified by the Act of 6 août 2004, on its own initiative or at the request of the user concerned, ICE Groupe may complete, modify or suppress incomplete, inexact or out-of-date stored personal data relating to the functioning of the website icegroupe.com.

In accordance with the measures of Acts N° 2004-801 of 6 août 2004 which modified Act N°78-17 of 6 janvier 1978 relating to Information technology, files and freedom of information, users are informed of their right of access to personal information concerning themselves and of their right to modify and to suppress the said information.

These rights may be exercised:

? simply by written request to:

ICE Groupe - Marketing / Communication - Service Internet - 11 rue Marcel Sembat - F-94146 Alfortville Cedex,

? or by sending an e-mail to this address: marketing@icegroupe.com

For data supplied in response to a job or work experience offer, or in the sending of an unsolicited job application, the user may exercise his right to modification, rectification and suppression by sending an e-mail to: marketing@icegroupe.com

5/ Responsibility

Information communicated via the website icegroupe.com is provided solely as a rough guide and without any kind of guarantee and errors and omissions, in particular, may occur. For this reason, neither ICE Groupe nor any of the ICE Groupe companies can be held responsible for it. It may be modified or updated without prior notice.

In the same way, neither ICE Groupe nor any of the ICE Groupe companies can be held responsible for the external hypertext links installed on this website or the contents of the sites of third parties to which they point ; The user uses the website icegroupe.com at his own risk. Under no circumstances will ICE Groupe, ICE Groupe companies or their sub-contractors be held responsible for damage of any kind, direct or indirect, resulting from the content or use of this site and/or of one of the sites linked to it (including accessing or being unable to access any one of these sites), and in particular, but not limited to, for any loss of business, financial or commercial loss, loss of programs and/or data, in particular from the site's user information system.

6/ Hypertext links and cookies

icegroupe.com offers hypertext links to websites edited and/or managed by third parties.

Insofar as no control is applied to these external resources, the user accepts that ICE Groupe assumes no responsibility for the availability of these resources, and cannot be held responsible for their content.

Users of the website icegroupe.com may not install hypertext links to this site without prior and written agreement from ICE Groupe. For all requests for the creation of a hypertext link, the user may:

? write to:

ICE Groupe - Marketing / Communication - Service Internet

11 rue Marcel Sembat

F-94146 Alfortville Cedex

? or send an e-mail to: marketing@icegroupe.com

In addition to the personal information that the user may provide, the website icegroupe.com may use technology that allows the gathering of certain technical information relating to its users such as their IP addresses, their computers' operating systems, the types of browsers used, the modes of data flow, etc.

Occasionally, ICE Groupe may have recourse to the use of cookies allowing the recording of information relating to the browsing of users' computers on this website (page consulted, date and time of connection, etc.). A cookie does not allow the identification of a user by name.

Thanks to the collection of this type of information, ICE Groupe can promote the improvement of the website icegroupe.com, in particular by reading this information at the time of users' subsequent visits.

The retention period of this information in the user's computer is 14 days.

Users of the website icegroupe.com who do not wish to receive cookies or wish to be notified about their use may configure their web browser so as not to receive them (see Annexe).

7/ Duration and cancellation

The present contract is agreed for an indeterminate period with effect from the use of the service by the user.


Defining cookies

The suppression of cookies may allow resolution of the problem, but it also results in the suppression of the registered settings of the sites that you have visited previously.

1. in Firefox, click on the menu Tools.

2. Click on Options;

3. Click on Privacy.

4. In the section Cookies, click on Show cookies.

5. In the Cookies Dialog box, click on Suppress all cookies.

6. Click on OK to close the Cookies Dialog box.

7. Click on OK to close the Options Dialog box.


1. Click on the menu Publish.

2. Click on Preferences.

3. Click on Security.

4. Click on Show cookies.

5. Click on Remove all.

6. Click on Finish.

7. Close the Preferences Dialog box.


1. In Opera, click on the menu Tools.

2. Click on Remove private data.

3. Click on Detailed options.

4. Select Remove all cookies.

5. Deselect the boxes corresponding to the private data options that you do not wish to remove.

6. Click on Remove.

Internet Explorer

1. Click on the menu Tools. If the menu does not appear, press the Alt key on your keyboard to show the menus.

2. Select Delete browser history.

3. Tick the box Cookies.

4. Click on the Remove button.

5. Once the cookies are removed, click on OK.